Creative thinking and innovation

Creative thinking and innovation

Innovation is all about three key factors applicable to each and everyone in the organisation, according to ‘futurist’ Jim Carroll. Step back and rephrase the question. It is about challenging yourself with three questions:

1. What can I do to run this business better?

2. What can I do to grow this business?

3. What can I do to transform this business?

Innovation is not about genius but more about awareness. Innovation offers all kinds of opportunities to run the business better by taking costs out of the business, for instance through streamlining processes by implementation of technological processes. Growing the business can be established by stepping into new markets, new product development and generation of revenues in new areas. Transforming the business is about restructuring ourselves by collaborating better and doing things differently as an organization.


12 oktober 2011, Marja Hoekstra (A, 8-2011)


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